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-Who is Butzi-


Butzi is the successful business of two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs alongside their lovely Husky, who, by the nature of their ambitious and perfectionist way, wanted to satisfy a constantly dynamic market, thirsty for a simple, comfortable, accessible, and especially quality service. From the first basket sold, the Butzi team has not stopped meeting the diversified demands on the market, constantly trying to complete its product range and improve the final customer experience. They have expanded at a constant and fast pace largely due to the

"Word of mouth" type recommendations made by customers satisfied with the excellence of the product, the right price and especially the seriousness of the service provided.

 Whether you place your order online, by phone or chat online with one of our agents in creating your special basket from the Butzi store or warehouse, you will be greeted by a team that carries out its activity with passion and devotion, dedicating its time and energy to satisfy each customer. Our experts provide real-time assistance and answer any questions or concerns with professionalism and patience. The online platform is constantly being improved so that you have the most enjoyable experience, whether you buy a product to give as a gift, if you or simply to indulge yourself.To help you choose the right product, each assortment sold on the B website benefits from a detailed description involving the history of the product, tasting notes, awards, features and opinions. At about every 2 weeks we add new products, because we continuously study the market, we are up to date with the new products, but also with the recently awarded ones and we analyze which are the most sought-after assortments. Whether it is rare vintage wine or a common product, we recognize that many of the new products are suggested to us by our loyal customers.

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