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Make it a Party with Butzi!



Decorate your room with our super cute balloons!


Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or simply having a get-together, they're the perfect way to liven up your space and mark that special moment.


Butzi Decoration Service is here to help you make it memorable.

Due to the pandemic, many special occasions have been put on hold, resulting in people missing out on celebrating their special day. We have recently received several requests from our customers and family members for decoration packages to help celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. This has led us to build a special team of professionals who can dress up venues and create personalized balloon displays and much more, tailored to meet your needs.

We can offer a complete design, delivery and installation service for our bespoke balloon displays for your special occasion. 


Leave everything to us and we'll make sure your vision comes to life!

Valentine’s day                   Mother’s Day 

Father’s Day                       A birthday 

   An Proposal                     Gender reveal 

Bachelorette party            An Anniversary



Let us decorate your hotel room for your birthday surprise! Order any package and personalize it with a "Happy Birthday" banner, streamers, birthday hats, or more. If it's a surprise, we'll make sure it stays a secret until you upon the door. We'll set it up in your room at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental. From all of us here at Butzi, Happy Birthday!

Surprise a special someone with a Valentine's Day package from Butzi. We'll make sure it stays a secret and have your room decorated at any Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, or Vacation Rental. Personalize any package with roses, chocolate covered strawberries, or even something a little naughty. Relax, we guarantee your room will be decorated on time, so you can worry about other things, like making a dinner reservation!



Order a romantic bath decoration for your next celebration. Save money by setting it up yourself or we will arrange for your room to be decorated at any Hotel, Bed & breakfast, or Vacation Rental before you arrive. Whether you are just sparking some romance or celebrating a special moments, let us help surprise a loved one and make it memorable 



Add the perfect surprise to your big moment. We guarantee your room will be decorated on time and perfect for that special moment at any Hotel, or Vacation Rental. We love celebrating engagements with our customers so much that rarely a day goes by that we don't tear up thinking about it. From all of us at Butzi, good luck! Although, since you put this much thought into your proposal, there's no way they can't say yes!



Call us at 647-614-5533 or email us at for personalized service!

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