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5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Corporate Gift Program

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to show clients, employees, and partners that you appreciate their contribution to your company’s success. It can help strengthen the existing relationships with your customers and raise your team morale, improving your bottom line. However, running a corporate gift program can seem like a difficult task. In this article, we’ll provide five tips to help you deliver the perfect corporate gifts for those who make your business stick.

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1. Plan early

A corporate gift program runs the smoothest when you prepare ahead of time. The fourth quarter of the year is usually a busy time for most businesses, and planning early will give you more time to brainstorm gift ideas and ensure that your corporate gifts make the right impression.

September is a good time to start planning your corporate gifting. This way, you will be able to create an effective strategy, perfect your recipient lists, personalize gift boxes, and stay ahead of your competition. Below are the questions you need to ask yourself when creating a corporate gifting program:

  • What are your gifting goals and objectives?

  • Who will be involved in the corporate gifting program?

  • What type of story do you wish to tell with your corporate gifts?

  • How can you make an indelible impression on the recipients?

2. Make the gifts all about the recipient

Whether you are sending corporate gifts to individuals or groups, the important thing is to make the recipient the focus of the whole gift experience. Bear in mind that offering gifts to a person is not the same as sending presents to a group of people.

If you are giving a corporate gift box to an individual, you will probably have had the opportunity to know him and notice his likes, dislikes, and personality. In this case, selecting a gift item that aligns with their interests will help you make a lasting impact on them.

Follow the same rules when showing appreciation to your clients or hardworking team. Notice every little detail and watch how this helps your business throughout the year.

Also, make sure that the gifts for groups are easy to share. You want to avoid a situation where the groups have to decide who gets what and who does not. When you want to appreciate a group of people, it is best to do so in public. This will help you create a culture of appreciation, and the recipient will feel recognized and valued.

3. Send your gifts early

Timing is crucial when sending corporate gifts to the recipient(s). In our experience, the best time to run a holiday gift program is in the first few weeks of December, which can be a pretty hectic time. So, it’s crucial to place your order early to have time to relax, enjoy the holiday, and leave a good impression on your clients and employees.

Avoid sending out corporate gifts late because such delivery won’t have much of an impact unless it’s something extraordinary.

4. Deliver by hand whenever it’s possible

The best way to strengthen your relationships with clients and workers is through face-to-face contact. Meeting the gift recipients physically will show that you genuinely appreciate them. It will also allow you to share in the gift experience and lay the foundation for a lasting relationship.

5. Find out if it’s okay to gift alcohol

Corporate gifting aims to build bonds. Although a lot of people would be happy to receive a bottle of wine as a gift, you want to ensure the recipients will not feel uncomfortable or offended by your kind gesture. You need to consider factors like religion, health, and addiction to ensure that your corporate gift boxes are well-received.

By creating a thoughtful plan and working with the right gifting experts, you can be sure your corporate gifting efforts will have a long-term impact on your recipients.

Take the first step today by contacting one of our gifting specialists for assistance in making personalized corporate gift boxes that fit your budget and business goals.


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