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Become the best gift-giver ever

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

5 Gift Ideas for Family & Friends

We all know it is the thought that counts, but sometimes those thoughts need a little help. That is why we have compiled a few gift-giving tips along with five gift ideas for family and friends to make this season even sweeter!

"I love chocolate. I can't believe you got me chocolate!"

Listen to your family and friends year-round to get a feel for what they like. People are typically open in communicating about these things, and in those moments, we can uncover the perfect gift idea!

Whether it's a quick mention of something they enjoy, such as chocolate bars to chocolate-covered snacks and chocolate-filled or chocolate-inspired confections, Assortments are the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

"A gift basket would be so perfect this year."

It's okay to ask a person for a list of gift ideas. This simple gesture can make your shopping experience so much easier, and if they don't have one, it may provide you with an opportunity to get creative!

A great gift with a range of sizes is the chocolate gift basket, which includes many of the essentials for chocolate lovers. These include chocolate bars or other goodies like chocolate-covered pretzels and dark chocolate almond bark, perfectly packaged to make the senses go wild!

"How did you know?"

We're not saying you should start digging through someone's bathroom cabinets, but paying extra attention and enacting full detective mode can help clue you into what gift idea to get someone. Instagram and social media sometimes reveal what makes their mouth water!

With the chocolate options ranging from dark to milk chocolate and various fruit flavors, you will have something for everyone on your list. For example, does your friend love chocolate and wine? Then chocolate paired with wine may be the perfect gift for her!

"This is so thoughtful!"

Chocolate is always a delectable gift idea for those who love chocolate, but who is to say it has to be just chocolate. It's all about presentation and message. The eyes see, and senses go wild before it's even in their mouth!

Although it may seem an easy thing to do - get them chocolate - this can be an opportunity for creativity. Wrapping chocolate in a bow with a cute card or adding chocolate to their morning coffee before they are on their way can be just as thoughtful.

"Oh my Gosh!"

I know, right? It's chocolate. But now we are talking decadent and fruity. Fruit-filled or chocolate-dipped, we have many options to send tastebuds into chocolate heaven. That's the best part. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a go-to gift for any occasion, and the chocolate is so rich, they'll be in bliss. You will be thinking, "I can't wait until I see how much you love this!"

Get creative with your present this year.

Gift-giving doesn't have to be complicated! Give from your heart and let it reflect how much they mean to you. Chocolate is the perfect gift for someone who loves it or will love you just a little more if they get some!

For more gift ideas you can visit our collection. We are available 24x7 for all your gifting needs, whether it is planned or requires a rushed same-day gift delivery in Toronto at the last moment. You can also call us at (647) 614-5533 to place your order.

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