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Corporate Gifting and Why it Matters!

This last year has changed the way in which we work forever. While some things may return to normal in time, for many companies this has brought about permanent change. Companies such as KPMG, HSBC, and JP Morgan have announced plans to introduce hybrid models which will see many of their employees continue to work from home, for at least part of the week. Of course, working from home in this day and age is made possible by the incredible amount of technology we have. Programmes such as zoom and teams have enabled us to keep connected with our colleagues, clients, and networks. While we try to navigate the new normal, corporate gifting is just as important, if not more important than ever. At Butzi, we've created a new range of welcome gifts. These corporate gifts are perfect for welcoming people to events (both virtual and physical), welcoming new starts to the office, or welcoming clients to your network. They're also a great way of showing appreciation to staff who have been working from home or putting in the hard work at the office (I hope my boss sees this one!).


Welcome Gifts are a great way of encouraging participation at any event, whether it be virtual or physical. It can help the attendees to relax and gives them a talking point when meeting new people. When it comes to virtual events, it can be harder to network or make connections with people. It may feel less serious and be harder to focus. Sending a welcome event gift can help to create an experience and shows that virtual is still valuable. It will also help to combat the infamous zoom fatigue.


Welcome Gifts are also a great way of reaching out and securing relationships with clients, or potential clients. It lets them know that their business is valued and encourages them to continue working alongside your company. Welcome Gifts can also help to enhance the reputation of your brand amongst clients. On top of this, it might just convince potential clients to get on board if they haven't already.



For new employees, a welcome gift can go a long way in making them feel valued and welcome, whether they are working from home or in the office. It leaves a good first impression and makes the new start feel like they are part of the team straight away. It also encourages them to be loyal to the company right from the start. Sending gifts to existing employees can ensure that they feel appreciated and encourage them to keep going. Whether it be for sharing around the office or combatting the loneliness of working from home, the right Welcome Gift can have a big impact.

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