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Top 3 Reasons Why Corporate Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Gift

Updated: May 5, 2022

Whether you want to create a smooth transition for your work-from-home employees as they move back into the office or celebrate company milestones with flair, corporate gift baskets remain the perfect giveaway.

The best business gift baskets can create a lasting impression on partners, new employees, and prospective clients if you know how to build them with care. They add a personal touch to otherwise generic holiday season presents, gatherings, and occasions, especially when you partner with experienced gift specialists to create expertly crafted gourmet gift baskets.

In this explainer, our corporate gift specialists at Butzi will outline the top three reasons why a corporate gift basket is still the best way to show your appreciation to bosses, secretaries, clients, and employees. We'll start with their most obvious commercial benefit.

Top 3 Reasons Why Corporate Gift Baskets Are the Perfect Gift

A Corporate Gift Basket Program Will Improve Your Office Culture

Research from O.C. Tanner shows that over 70% of workers prefer personalized tokens of recognition over the generic boxes of pizza and donuts that the middle management crowd is fond of stacking in the break room.

Custom corporate gifts are an essential part of every business gifting program, as food reminds everyone it's time to enjoy a break and that their leaders appreciate their hard work.

If you're looking for personalized corporate gifts for employees, shop for gift baskets with savory snacks, dark chocolate treats, and fresh fruit to say thank you. Many businesses like Butzi offer free shipping for large orders.

Luxury Corporate Gift Baskets Can Leave a Remarkable Impression on Your Customers

If you're looking for a way to impress prospective customers and partners, gourmet gift baskets make the perfect present for every occasion. Corporate gift baskets for clients are one of our bestselling items at Butzi.

Whether you're looking to acquire their company, sell them something, or buy commodities from them at lower rates, a personalized wine gift with cheeses and crackers they can enjoy around a conference table is the fastest way to build personal connections.

You can also send them a greeting basket over the holidays to let them know likable people make up your business. They celebrate with customers, unlike a faceless big box business entity that stops caring as soon as they land a contract.

Well-Placed Business Gifts Create More Engaged Employees

Verbal and written recognition in an office setting can feel soulless, especially if employees feel that they're only a cog in the machine. A basket with wine, gourmet popcorn, and chocolates can say more than a kudos at a weekly huddle-up session, email, or virtual badge can convey.

If you're looking for the perfect gifts to send employees for a big promotion, a new baby, or when they graduate into retirement, you can't go wrong with a personalized gift basket. It is a fantastic way to celebrate with them and appreciate their contributions to your corporate family. A company culture high in motivation and gratitude drives better performance numbers than ones that look at people like they're ones and zeroes.

Talk to Your Gifting Experts Today

Improve morale around the office and let your customers know you care for them by talking to our corporate gifting specialists at Butzi Gift Baskets today. Call us at 1-800-416-8631 and enjoy personalized service and free shipping on large orders.


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